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Topic: Scarbee S.I.D XL Drums

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    Scarbee S.I.D XL Drums

    Is there ant documentation on the (5) new snare drums and extras that come with this virtual instrument?

    I can't find any details on the net or even in the manual.

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    Re: Scarbee S.I.D XL Drums

    Send me an email...

    Don't know why that info slipped out of the website...

    As soon as I get it I'll look into my documentation and will let you know..


    Simone Coen
    Musician, Producer, Sample Library Producer

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    Re: Scarbee S.I.D XL Drums

    S.I.D. XL arrived today! 13 DVDs total.

    1 Installer

    1 Manuals and PDFs

    1 Halion3 demo

    There 10 are numbered DVDs in the package. The #8 DVD is missing.
    Is this normal or was the disk left out by accident?

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    Re: Scarbee S.I.D XL Drums

    SCARBEE has great support through their site - you might try them there.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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