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Topic: GS3/Quicksounddatabase crashes GS3

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    GS3/Quicksounddatabase crashes GS3


    everytime I start GS3 I have to disablethe Quicksounddatabase cause of crashing GS3. I tried the tips found on the manual but no effect. Before
    this strange behaviour I installed Bestservice Latin World on the same partition like GS3 and I think there is the problem. Meanwhile I removed latin wolrd to another partition but I think GS3 is now searching for these files.

    Anybody an idea how to fix this problem? Also Rebuilding the Database
    leads to crash GS3.

    Thanks for help


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    Re: GS3/Quicksounddatabase crashes GS3

    Do you have a separate drive for your samples? Or you just use a partition of a drive for samples?
    It is almost a rule that you have a separate drive dedicated to samples.
    Before you rebuild the database, have you converted all your samples to GS3 format?
    If not, this is where I would start. Then I would rebuild and if still crash is the result, I would reload my samples in groups, check if the rebuild would go OK. I suspect you have some sample (s) which were damaged at one point. This way you would find which one it is.

    Good luck


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    Smile Re: GS3/Quicksounddatabase crashes GS3

    Please read my post in this thread, especially the stuff under the heading "Mechanics".


    I set Quicksound up using the "Advanced Settings" tab which is described on p. 45 of the GS3 manual.

    If it turns out that you've got a bad .gig you can locate it (isolate it) by using folders, "Advanced Settings" and the method Ted described.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: GS3/Quicksounddatabase crashes GS3

    Rebuilding the QuickSound database is quick, easy, and non-destructive to any of your .gig files.

    There is an explanatory video here which can be viewed, once you have registered at LearnGigaStudio:


    After you rebuild the database, launch GigaStudio. If it launches without errors, then close it immediately.

    Then go ahead and relaunch Giga and go about your business.

    I don't know why it is so, but Giga always seems to act flaky when opened after a bad close. I have found that by closing Giga after a normal launch, and then relaunching it, I am more likely to prolong its "good behavior" going forward.
    — alanb




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    Re: GS3/Quicksounddatabase crashes GS3

    Hey I had the same prob and I found that , after searching for hours :

    Go to :
    Start->Execute> and type :

    regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll

    After that I had no more Quicksound crashing prob.
    I used every Gigaclean and different methods to avoid this prob but none worked except this command line that solved everything.
    (I've read that it's a prob due to SP2 and the way soundfiles are managed)
    I hope it works for you too !


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    Re: GS3/Quicksounddatabase crashes GS3


    that's interesting because I never heard to use this comand for Gigastudio.
    I heard about it, solving probs with videofiles like avis etc.

    Will try it


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    Re: GS3/Quicksounddatabase crashes GS3

    Exactly it solves reccurent probs vith vids and audio, but Gigastudio's prob too, at least for me.
    I won't be able to explain why but, I had lot's of problems with quicksound crashing and I always looked on internet how to solve this, and once I just read the crash report and saw that it was a drwtsn32.exe prob then I just looked for that file on google and found someone that posted that solution, and now everything works perfectly.

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    Re: GS3/Quicksounddatabase crashes GS3


    following the instructions on the tutorials was great.
    Quicksounddatabase is working again also my problem
    with the volume setting is now fixed, after I look this
    tutorial about saving a gsp file...

    Thank you very much!



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    Re: GS3/Quicksounddatabase crashes GS3

    You should uncheck " monitor file activity"

    this helps GIGA run smoother.


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    Re: GS3/Quicksounddatabase crashes GS3

    Maybe it is your hardware ?...If you are running two hard drives and an sli video card and 4 sticks of ram with a 4000+ Mhz system you could be using 475 watts of power! If your power supply was 75% efficent then you would need about 650 watts of power..thats a worst case most dual drive systems with out a super fast video card use about 285 watts..so in that case you would need a 400 watt power supply...your system will run in a power starved configuration but perform poorly..
    Cooling....Processors performing intensive tasks such as those you describe heat up during heavy use ..then cool back down when cpu use drops off..at idle probably 30 degrees Celsius (86 F)..now when running hard it could go as high as 170 degrees F! So maybe you might look at your cpu cooler and see how well it works..Cupid make a freeware cpu analysis program as well as cpu-z ..Your system will run in an overheated state but perform poorly..Zalman makes a pretty good aftermarket cooler as do others..Tomshardware.com has some good reviews of power supply units as well as coolers. There were some video cards that hit the market before the drivers were perfected so you might also want to make sure you have updated drivers and have your os up to date as well..

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