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Topic: SSV - three days later...

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    SSV - three days later...

    Three days after getting my hands on it, I didn't realize it was so aggressive. Here's approx 2 minutes worth of the violin solo from one of my orchestral pieces called "Caoidh" (Scottish gaelic for "Lament") as I said, its a lot more aggresive than it sounded in my head.

    It's a bit rough - more work needs to be done on getting it sounding right, but hey, ya godda start somewhere!

    Here it is, comments greatly appreciated (click on the @music link/lo-fi):


    Note: the other tune on this page is the synth intro, wierd! The solo is actually the end, section strings in the middle.

    Cheers, ColinD

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    Re: SSV - three days later...

    Hi Colin,

    Welcome to the forum! You bravely solicited comments, so here goes...

    Maybe you should spend some quality time with the excellent Strad manual, in particular the chapters on real-time expressive controls. And why not give a listen to some of the amazingly convincing demos on the Garritan website, including the videos?

    Frankly, to my admittedly untrained ear, your solo sounds like a convincing emulation of – a sequenced Casio keyboard sample. Did you actually move the MW at all during performance, or did you just park it at some intermediate position?

    With such a, shall we say, simplistic melodic theme, performance has to top-notch.

    Sorry to sound a bit negative but frankly, as a violin, it sucks. You asked for it, Maestro-D...

    I'd suggest you listen to a lot of violin recordings, and keep working at the dynamics!


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    Re: SSV - three days later...

    Hi Spitfire. Trust me, my ego isn't so sensitive that I can't handle criticism. Thanx for your comments. you're right of course, performance is everything but you gotta stop listening and start writing - eventually. I reassigned one of the pedals on my piano to send mod data - in retrospect not a good idea but I thought I'd try it - I was running out of hands & feet!

    The only solution is to keep hacking it until I get it right. If I get the controllers & performance right the melody will look after itself. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Cheers, ColinD

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    Re: SSV - three days later...

    Quote Originally Posted by CeemDee
    I was running out of hands & feet!
    Cheers, ColinD
    Hi Colin,

    Ah, you didn't read the system requirements for the Strad? It says 'three hands and four feet'.

    Thanks for taking my remarks the right way. I haven't practiced nearly enough yet to make the Strad sound like the ideas in my head, but every now and then there's glimmer of what might be...

    Nihil sine labore – nothing without work.



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    Re: SSV - three days later...

    Hey Colin D,
    I'm still learning w/the Strad too. I guess that it'll take awhile.

    Anyway... You have 2 log-ins???
    You're both Maestro-D and CeemDee???? That's weird...
    Maybe, it's just a duel personality


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    Re: SSV - three days later...

    Hi Steph. No idea how I managed 2 logins. I can only log in thru Northern Sounds page, Garritan main page throws me out. Cheers, ColinD

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