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Topic: Crash Cymbal Choke....

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    Crash Cymbal Choke....

    Hi all. In a chart I writing there is a crash cymbal hit that doesn't ring. In JABB, I can't get it to choke, no matter how short I play the note. It seems that long notes choke at the end of them. Any ideas? ~Eric

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    Re: Crash Cymbal Choke....

    A "choke" can be accomplished with the present JABB player by activating the cc#7 option and drawing in cc#7 data. I've created a quick example. This is a freely-played ride cymbal pattern ending with a choked crash. Here is a screenshot of the data: www.garritan.com/JABB/TechSupport/CymbalChoke.jpg

    And here's an mp3 of what it sounds like dry: www.garritan.com/JABB/TechSupport/CymbalChoke.mp3

    The slope of the cc#7 data will control the abruptness of the choke. The shape of the slope and its completion will affect the character of the choke. This example is recorded dry but the judicious application of room simulation will improve its naturalness. The cymbals must be handled on a separate channel from the rest of the kit to use this technique.

    This function will be improved in the soon-to-be-released JABB update - the sustain pedal will "choke" the cymbals in the new version. Much easier to use than drawing in data.


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