For an MSI Neo2Platinum (MS-7025) Toledo x2 4400+

The objective here is 3GB total, the usage is mainly to load samples in giga studio 2 on a remote machine however I will be doing some video editing / rendering.

It would be nice to cut down the time it takes to render video but I'm not convinced faster ram or even DDR mode is going to make a difference.

My first neo2 (a64 4000+) has:
2 Sticks DDR 3,4,4,8 OCZ4002048V3DC-K ( slot 1,2 )
2 Sticks DDR PC3200 CMX512-3200LL (slot 3,4 ) (Corsair)
Obviously running in single mode. It's the only way it would see 3GB with this combination of sticks.

I tested real world performance with this setup in 2 ways.
1) 2 1GB sticks in Dual mode ( slot 1, 3 )
2) all 4 sticks in single mode ( slots 1,2, and 3,4 )
I saw no difference at all in performance other than I could load more samples.

The way I tested was using EWGold Kompakt - 5 instances and a very thick and dense part of a midi composition in Sonar.

With both ram setups the latency in Sonar was set at 2.9 where I could hear some slight crackling in the playback ...
...and then moved up to 4.4 where the crackling stopped.

I heard no difference between the 2 ram options.
They were for all intents and purposes exhibiting the same results.
Both crackled the same amount at the same parts in the song at 2.9
Also, with both setups, all crackling was gone at 4.4

This leads me to believe that "fast" ram isn't really relevant when it comes to low latency performance with plugins and that I should just go for the density or 3GB with 3 sticks of 1GB,
however ........
I'd really like to hear what you ~experience~ is with your machines.

Here are the choices I'm looking at:
2 sticks DDR $282.99 2,3,2,5 OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K
2 sticks DDR $119.99 2,3,2,5 OCZ4001024ELDCPE-K
Total: $402.87
2 Sticks DDR $235.99 3,4,4,8 OCZ4002048V3DC-K
2 Sticks DDR $119.99 3,4,4,8 OCZ4001024V3DC-K
Total: $355.98
3 1GB sticks Single $103.00 3,3,3,8 OCZ4001024PF
Total: $309.00
2 Sticks DDR 333 $228.95 CL2.5 KVR333X64C25K2/2G
2 Sticks DDR 333 $107.49 CL2.5 KVR333X64C25K2/1G
I realize that 4 sticks will make the Motherboard dumb it down to 333 but I'm not finding any recommendations at OCZ for 333. Kingston has 333 and has tested it with the board.

Thank you! I appreciate your patience if you got this far.