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Topic: A Short Storm-Christmas Music

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    A Short Storm-Christmas Music

    This is called A Short Storm.

    It's Christmas being interrupted by the news.

    I'm using Art Vista's VGP and a male choir from Miroslav.

    All other instruments are GPO. Also Ik Multimedia's CSR.


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    Re: A Short Storm-Christmas Music

    Nice job on this, Phil. That "A" section, that's classic
    Fastlane, again... straight to the heart. You've really
    got a talent for these clear, lucid, lyrical lines...


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    Re: A Short Storm-Christmas Music

    A fine little piece, I like the idea behind it. Nice contrast between the orchestrations, and I have to agree with etLux that you have a talent for clear, lucid, lyrical lines! Nice work! My ear just begs for more...
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