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Topic: Gina24 Question

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    Gina24 Question

    Does any know how to increase the volume of a digital output signal with a GINA24 or a GINA 3G? I have a GINA 24 and a GINA 3G and I ran their outputs through the optical outs into the optical in of a cd recorder. The signal seems very clean, but it is very low. I think I have the digital output set at its highest. (I cannot alter the level of the digital signal inside the cd recorder. The digital input of the cd recorder seems fixed to whatever signal is being received.)

    Does anyone have a fix for this?


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    Re: Gina24 Question

    The fix would be altering the source material before it gets to the digital out to come closer to 0dB.

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    Re: Gina24 Question

    Thanks. Steve.

    That seems easy enough to do in Kontakt2. I'll give it a try.


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