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Topic: Bass sound

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    Bass sound

    A basic question from a relative tyro with GPO ... I'm writing a little ballet piece for a dance teacher friend and decided to add a Solo Bass KS part on Pizz. The pizz. sound comes out too dry and clunky. What adjustment can I make in Kontakt 2 to make it resonate more and/or add some vibrato to it? At present it's just using default settings. I'm using MacFin/GPO 2007.

    Thanks in advance for your wisdom ...


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    Re: Bass sound

    I have used the length control (CC#21) to change the pizz. on the solo bass.


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    Re: Bass sound

    You can also change the sound quite a bit by altering the velocity in one direction while pushing the volume in the other. For a softer attack, use low velocities with the volume set high. A little bit of cheating, but it serves.
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    Red face Re: Bass sound

    Ah, that's what I was looking for. I knew you wouldn't let me down.



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