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Topic: Take a listen

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    Take a listen

    I've only done a few compositions with GPO, the first two are really short, and the most recent one i've done is the last one. Please let me know your thoughts!

    First one I did, No Tempo : http://www.sectionzmusic.com/feature...20THINKING.mp3

    Second one i did, with a sequencer:

    3rd one the longest but just the GPO piano, takes a long time to orchestrate these things:

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    Smile Re: Take a listen

    Nice work, Joe!

    Couldn't get the first two links to open, but the 3rd was a lovely surprise!
    .. A thoughtful portrait in piano.

    A small minor critique I could offer would be to lower the volume in the faster passages, slightly... They're a touch loud next to the overall tone of your piece.

    Very well done!


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    Re: Take a listen

    Thanks jsp! it is a tad to loud huh?

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    Re: Take a listen

    Nice work on this, Joe; I enjoyed listening... clean,
    clear writing with an evident tenderness and some
    really well done nuancing and finesse.

    With Jeff, I think I might consider a little further
    tweaking of dynamics... not much, just very, very
    slightly. The control of the performance in this
    piece is already excellent, so easy-does.


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    Re: Take a listen

    Thanks etLux, I think I will be going back and doing some producing on this piece. I just played this live, and haven't done any editing to it yet. I will focus on the dynamics when I do, as well as the volume at the faster louder parts . Thanks for the great input guys!

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    Re: Take a listen

    I just listened to Quiet Nights ... very lovely. Only crtique would be that the flute needs to be louder, or the piano softer ... just a simple balance solution.



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