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Topic: JABB Two Inspirational Tunes

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    JABB Two Inspirational Tunes

    I've been lurking in the shadows for a couple of months while learning JABB. Virtual music to me is a thrill because it allows me to have my own big band which I named some years ago, Living Waters Jazz. I've reduced the amount of instruments in my band to 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 3 saxes, piano, bass and guitar. I am thinking about adding a guitar player because IMO the jazz guitar sound accompanying JABB is top notch. Years ago I did a number of arrangements you can find under Living Waters Jazz at Soundclick but they were all instrumental and relied on samples that could be loaded into Gigastudio. This time I wanted to try arranging with a vocalist but I couldn't tap the virtual market for one so I asked a friend if he would sing the vocals.

    While all my friends were listening to rock music growing up I instead listened to the Big Bands. Most of my exposure to Big Band music then was through Time Life's The Swing Era (which for some reason they won't release on CD). I played sax and to me where else can you hear saxes in harmony (the best sound in the world!) but in Big Band music? Later on I was in jazz ensembles, went to IUP (university) for music and even toured through PA with a group called Rejoice (Chicago styled instrumentation with one extra sax - me!). Picked up bassoon in the process and played in orchestras too. In the 1980's my younger brother who was in the Navy Bands at the time (and has asked a question or two in these forums) turned me onto digital music. I saw the potential then that I could arrange music in the Big Band style I prefer in a genre mostly done with rock so I leaped at the chance.

    Anyway, this being my first post I thought I should introduce myself and now here's a couple of arrangements of what I've done so far.

    The first song is Reach Out which I finished a couple of weeks ago. It's a slow ballad (written by Chuck Brown) and I think it was originally done by the older Imperials but I'm not sure.


    This is the first arrangement I did with JABB that was not an experiment (I used to bug Tom quite alot when I first started out). This tune was mixed a little softer than Reach Out and because it was earlier, it missed out on a couple of ideas to make the instruments sound a little more realistic that I came up with. The name of this tune is Bring Back The Springtime by Sonny Salisbury. I know it was sung by Dave Boyer, whom at one time was affiliated with the Rat Pack, but I'm not sure if any other vocalist recorded it.


    Rich Garber
    Living Waters Jazz

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    Re: JABB Two Inspirational Tunes

    Richard, I'd like to hear what you're doing, but...
    both links are reporting Not Found.

    The main domain http://www.edmfamily.com is
    also ominously reporting: Forbidden.



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