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Topic: Sample library translation problems

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    Sample library translation problems


    I am having problems converting my old EOS and Akai Libraries (e.g. WorldWinds by Ilio) into Kontact 2. The loop points etc in many cases seem to be off. Also, sometimes in translation, K2 comes crashing down. Does anyone have any good recommendations of software (for Mac OSX) or services (I'd be glad to pay someone to do it correctly) that can translate these libraries into Kontact 2 .nki files?

    I know, of course, that Kontact is supposed to be able to do it, and in many cases does do it successfully. But some of the instruments I'm most interested in just don't translate well. I wish I understood getting in and fixing the loop points etc, but time is short and I'd rather pay to get it done right.

    Also, if anyone has gone through and fixed the Ilio WorldWinds library specifically, I'd be glad to proove to you that I own it and get your .nki files.


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    Re: Sample library translation problems

    I've used CDXtract with success for several years converting AKAI and GIGA to Kontakt. ChickenSys makes Translator which I understand is an excellent product for converting to Kontakt. I haven't used it since the days of EMU versus AKAI samplers so I can't speak of it's current ability. Either product should do a better job than Kontakt does currently.


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    Re: Sample library translation problems

    Um, Kontakt 2 native translation is coded by the same guy (Garth) that codes Chicken Systems Translator anyway.

    You might try emailing Garth though, to ask him what you can do.

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    Re: Sample library translation problems



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