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Topic: jabb latin song

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    jabb latin song

    This is a latin kind of song that I wrote. All instruments are JABB except for the marimba. Give a listen and please tell me what you think.


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    Re: jabb latin song

    Ahhhh... sweet! Jay, you've got a real hand for this.
    Beautiful job on this; I could listen to your material
    all night -- which, I think, says it all...

    My best,


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    Re: jabb latin song

    Hi Kate,

    very nice arrangement, and well done.

    One thought that may be relevant is: Do you have a latin background? When non-latinos write latin orientated music they tend to mix up elements of different latin music genres like samba, son etc. in a way that is not so sharply defined as latino musicians would do. So it may be worth the effort to study what a cuban rhythm group would do here. The congas, the clave and also the bass would be a little different but to people that know about the music it would be significant.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: jabb latin song

    Other than that it really hooks into the ear - the musical invention itself is top notch!

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: jabb latin song

    david and hannes. I appreciate the input. hannes, I am not latino, that is why I said it was kind of latin. I really don't know the genre very well. This was just my impression of the style. I need to listen to more of the latin music. Thanks again for the input.

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    Re: jabb latin song

    Hi Jay,

    I do a lot of authentic latin music, and I agree with Hannes that your piece is not particularly authentic...the rhythm section (percussion, bass, piano) sounds a little stiff and isn't really playing the kinds of patterns you'd expect to hear in this kind of music. I still enjoyed the piece however and liked your horn arrangement quite a bit.

    What this piece does exceedingly well IMHO is show off the potential of JABB for use in authentic latin music (not latin jazz)...in fact you do that so well that you just convinced me to buy JABB for myself!

    I hope Gary sends you a T-shirt


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    Re: jabb latin song

    Hello Jay - just listened to your work, and I must say I enjoyed it; it has some very nice touches and has a nice "tight" instrumentation. Whether it's authentic latin or not is neither here nor there IMO - the piece on its own merits is pleasurable to listen to, so I hope you will produce more in this vein.
    Well done and thanks for sharing.

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    Re: jabb latin song

    matto and eugene. Thanks for listening. I appreciate your input. I enjoyed writing something like this. Working with horns is always fun. Matto, I have to work more on getting a relaxed feel. I find it hard to do with midi, even though some of the stuff is done in real time. You will love jabb. It is a lot of fun to work with. By the way, I could always use another T shirt.

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    Re: jabb latin song

    Nice tune, great horns, lovely arrangement.

    The "latin" groove could be a little better defined.

    I am a Jazz Pianist, 20 years ago, a horn player could turn round on the bandstand and say to me...."Lets do this one with a Latin feel"...... and I would know exactly what he meant.

    If they do it now,...... after spending many years studying South American music, especially Brasillian Music..... I am paralysed for a few minutes....I start asking myself too many questions.

    Does he mean Brasillian or Latino.
    If Brasillian does he mean Samba, Bossa Nova, Baio. ??
    If Latino does he mean Son, Salsa,3/2 clave or 2/3.??
    Does he expect regular montuno, or stabbing free-style.??

    By the time I have decided on my approach, the tune is half over,and the rest of the band are eyeing me suspiciously with a ...."I thought this guy was supposed to be into Latin stuff"...vibe.

    Perhaps this is an illustration of the old adage that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

    I always try and imagine it from the other end, and think about a hotel band in downtown Caracas playing some "European" music.

    They use authentic european instruments in an interesting combination.
    Although they have a few balance problems because the bagpipes tend to drown out the bazuki's and the German oompah Tuba player is not quite locking in with the spanish percussion.

    There will always be a few like me, who find a more generalised "Latin" approach a little distracting, and a huge majority who couldnt care less.

    None of this takes away from this delightful tune though, you definitely have a great touch with JABB.

    regards Joe

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    Re: jabb latin song

    Joe, thanks for listening and your comments. I always wanted to spend a few months playing in an authentic latin band but It never happened. The experience would have been great. Oh well.

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