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Topic: GVI in V-Stack?

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    GVI in V-Stack?

    Has anyone had any success running GVI in V-Stack? It should work, but V-Stack doesn't seem to recognize its existance in my system. Works fine in stand alone. I don't have any other PC sequencer apps to test it with.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: GVI in V-Stack?

    Working fine here...GVI.dll in the VST folder,(...program files/Steinberg/V Stack) make sure you have the dongle plugged in (if you don't it should ask), and it should work fine. At least it does for me...

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    Re: GVI in V-Stack?

    It works, however if you try to load more than 4 GVI it crashes V-Stack.
    I've tried to get 6 loaded because that's what I use with GS3 - 6 banks, but even with empty GVI, it still crashes V-Stack.

    However you can load a bunch of GVI with Plogue - I've had 8 open plus several VSI with no problems. Also, I've had no problem with Forte. It's just V-Stack that seems to have an issue.

    By the way, I used Mattias 3GB set up so I can load up to 2.5 GB's

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