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Topic: Buying GS3 Solo + crossgrade = cheaper GVI?

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    Buying GS3 Solo + crossgrade = cheaper GVI?

    Hi all,

    I saw GS3 Solo at the Tascam store for only $79 and a crossgrade for GS3 Solo to GVI for 159 euro at bestservice. 79 dollar + 159 euro is less than 399 dollar for a full GVI. Looks like a cheap solution, but I can't believe it's true... is there a catch??

    What do you think?

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    Re: Buying GS3 Solo + crossgrade = cheaper GVI?

    It was true and probably still is... unless there a date limite or something but i don't think there is...

    ..I would get GS3 ensemble tho, GS3 solo is way to limited if i remember correctly.. and you might need some of the GS3 eventualy...

    The other good thing, if i remember correctly, is that you will get tow licences that way, wich is cool...You could have GS3 on one Pc, and GVi on an other...GS3 doesn't need a dongle

    What you should do is contact Best service and ask them if there is a limite date... or just make a scearch and if you don't find anything! Go for it!... It should be in plain sghit and it's not your problem if it's not!..

    But what ever you do, don't ask Tascam.. you might give them some ideas.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Buying GS3 Solo + crossgrade = cheaper GVI?

    Yeah, getting the Ensemble edition makes more sense, more value for the same amount of money.

    The close-out prices and upgrade prices for GVI are also on the Tascam site:


    254 dollar for GVI, I'll go for it!

    And if it doesn't work, 129 dollar for GS3 Ens is a bargain anyways.


    Oops... forgot 60 dollar (worldwide) shipment...

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