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Topic: Loop libraries like New Orleans Strut (RMX)

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    Loop libraries like New Orleans Strut (RMX)

    I'm looking for new loop libraries (SAGE or REX) like the little big New Orleans Strut expansion pack. This kind of acoustic rythms... jazz...blues... I lovin' them.

    Do you know another xpansion or libraries with more loops about this style?
    I would like find SAGE or REX for use in Stylus RMX.

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    Re: Loop libraries like New Orleans Strut (RMX)

    Backbeat has all acoustic drum kits, and while not really too much like N.O. Strut, it does have some nice shuffle and swing sounding kits. With some creative editing, you can make it even more like it probally. Ethno Techno has some of those odd metalic hits and rythms, though maybe slighlty more agressive. Or, EZ drummer, you can create VERY realistic drum performances by triggering with your keyboard. I love that library.

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    Re: Loop libraries like New Orleans Strut (RMX)

    The Liquid Grooves Xpander has some fantastic swinging grooves from Bob Wilson who is one of the drummers in the New Orleans Strut package.
    Plus you get a ton of great percussion loops and Eric Persing remixes.
    LG is one of my all time favourite loop collections.


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