I'd like to get a new orchestral library + Kontakt + computer in the following year.

I was tempted by the Muse Receptor which is based on Linux OS. But the cheaper solution MacMini is very attractive.

OS X is in fact a Unix flavor.
No stupid registry database to deal with.
No virus problems (not yet...).

Macmini + 2 Gigs Ram: $575 + $250


Internal Hard drive: $125 (losing your Mac warranty by the way)


On the network side few choices are available.

Midi part:
MIDIoverLAN CP creating a MIDI network

Audio part:
They are working on FXT 2 and Mac version.

Don't know much about them

My Pc and display are kept for the sequencer and for about $2000 2 MacMini would run the library.

It's something to think about. On the other side could a big E6700 dual core with plenty of memory and 3 Hard Drives running on the upcoming vista do the job... ???