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Topic: RME Fireface 400

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    RME Fireface 400

    Anybody have any experience, feedback, opinion to share on this interface? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: RME Fireface 400

    It rocks in every way. Just note, the 7th and 8th output are the stereo headphone out. So you have to use adapters to use it other than for headphones. But that's the ONLY thing not good about it.

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    Re: RME Fireface 400

    I have the 800 and think it is an excellent piece of kit..

    And now also at Flickr!



    View Simon Fielder's Profile at NorthernSounds.net

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    Re: RME Fireface 400

    I agree. Great piece of gear. RME makes very nice stuff. I have the 800 and it works very well with Logic Pro.

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    Re: RME Fireface 400

    Thanks guys for the replies. I definitely need feedback just on the 400. They are really quite different in their specs.

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    Re: RME Fireface 400

    There's a postive review of it in the latest VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS magazine.

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    Re: RME Fireface 400

    My latest VI has not arrived yet.

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    Re: RME Fireface 400

    Neither did mine, but I downloaded the .pdf -- their mail department is not great.

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    Re: RME Fireface 400

    I just bought the fireface 400...

    I don't had a very long testing period but it's seems to be a very very good product.
    Very fast and easy to install (but I had previous experience with RME products, like HDSP9632)
    Stable drivers (ASIO) under XP.
    Great converters, and 2 very very decent preamps for an all in one product.

    I may have more comment in few weeks using it !

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    Re: RME Fireface 400

    I have an RME HDSP 9652 and an RME Multiface and they are excellent in every way.

    Service for any RME product in the USA is excellent.
    Synthax is the name of the company that takes care of all RME business in the USA, and George@synthax.com will give you service that is second to none.


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