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Topic: Ethnic sample library

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    Ethnic sample library

    I'm about to buy an intel Mac with logic pro. I have GPO already (which I currently use with Finale on my PC and hope to transfer across...problems here?) But I'm looking for a good ethnic sample library with Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Latin, Celtic sounds etc. Any ideas? I'm not really interested in loops...my attention span is happily longer than 2 bars long.


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    Re: Ethnic sample library

    beladmedia.com/ has a new Anthology Celtic Winds library that I just got that is awesome and very playable in real time. They will be coming out with 2 more volumes in the same genre. I also own World Winds from ilio.com that has more instruments but requires more programing. Ilio also makes a library called Origins that seems very good.

    Celtic Winds requires owning Kontakt and the Ilio libs can import into other samplers as well.

    Many people seem to like a large library called "RA" by East West, but I don't have a link.


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    Re: Ethnic sample library

    RA from East west is probably the best option.

    Ethnoworld 3 is also good I hear.

    MOTU Ethno is another new library which has good reviews.

    They are probably the only 3 libraries which cover both Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Latin and Celtic.

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    Re: Ethnic sample library

    I thought the same as you do about loops, but Zero Gs Apple Loop pack is both huge and also comes with instruments hat are played through your keyboard. this library is especially good if you want your indian instruments to be authentic and not westernised.

    Apples own loops collection is also on the largish side for the money and for apple loops actually..
    This has huge variety of useful things and has a pretty good sound to it.

    Though I love RA and I am specialist in world instruments. I bought the Zero G world pack and will eventually get both RA and the Apple pack.

    Did I mention the vocals too on World pack!...

    you may be surprised...


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    Re: Ethnic sample library

    I forgot to mention....

    (as Ilio are mentioned above)

    Have you looked at Origins? which has also got some interesting nuggets.....

    And now also at Flickr!



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    Re: Ethnic sample library

    I use EWQL Ra, and it is awsome. It covers the millue you are looking for. I think a combination of Ra and Bella D's Celtic winds lib would be a great, although spendy, solution. Ra is extremely playable and comes as a NI kontakt instrument.You do not need to own Kontakt. Ra has many articulations laid out as key switches, as well as several velocity layers for most instruments. The recording quality is top notch. EW recorded Ra at Ocean Way studios through a very expensive sounding audio path.

    Electronic musician recently did a large round up article on ethnic libs and concluded that Ra was the most playable.They said MOTU Ethno World was an excelent bang for the buck, but that the loops in that lib are what are most usefull.

    You can check out some Ra demos at Sounds online. I think it is ~~~~~~~~~~~~.com.

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    Re: Ethnic sample library

    I use Ra, Ethno, Ethno World, and Celtic Winds.

    Right now, Ra is probably the most comprehensive collection of instruments available, and covers a great range of articulations for the genre of instruments you described. Keyswitching between articulations, as well as dynamic velocity layering on patches, is central to getting an really rich and expressive performance out of this instrument. It's expensive, but if you work with so-called ethnic instruments a lot, it's worth it.

    Ethno by MOTU is a great little gem for the money, but to be honest, I found many of the instruments lacking in expression - as they are more like "types" of those instruments, with little-to-no dynamic expression or range of articulations. The strength of this product is in the loop library which is awesome, and it can be manipulated in almost anyway possible to slice, dice, tempo, stretch, match, etc. The loops are beautifully recorded.

    Ethno World is a staple, but also showing some age, I think. A mix of really great instruments, with some that aren't as dynamic or velocity rich compared to Ra. On the other hand, MIDI is in the hands of the beholder, and World contains a huge array of instruments. I find it takes a little work to get some expression from certain instruments - it also has some looped phrases (love the western fiddle), and is suitable for adding that ethnic sound to just about anything. It's like a Swiss Army knife in that there's just about anything you need quickly.

    Finally, I am absolutely IN LOVE with Bela D Media's Celtic Winds. Highly playable, incredible expression, and quite frankly, sonically superior to some of the above, IMHO. There's just a lot of "heart and soul" in this. Basically, it takes advantage of Kontakt 2 scripting, in ways the above cannot. Of course it's limited to a certain genre of instruments, and I haven't heard what the next two releases in this series might be (anyone?). If they are as good as this one, it would really be awesome, and very affordable.

    Anyway, that's my two cents.


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    Re: Ethnic sample library

    These are all very helpful comments, although there might be an issue with Kontakt 2 running on Mac intel. Have they sorted this?

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    Re: Ethnic sample library

    Yes, Kontakt 2.2 is universal, though you may have to pay a fee depending on when you registered:



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    Re: Ethnic sample library

    Kontakt 2 now works on Mac Intel (I use it on my new Mac Book Pro). I also own RA and use it often, although I'll say there is nothing intuitive about playing with the keyswitches. You basically have to practice each phrase until you memorize which bass note to play when. I wish there were more scripting with this instrument , but EW is a bit behind the parade in this regard.

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