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Topic: 3rd Movement, Piano Sonata in g minor

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    3rd Movement, Piano Sonata in g minor

    Here is my little joke. Maybe it’s a big joke. Yes, the third movement is a scherzo, maybe a schizo scherzo.

    Everything is based on motives from the first movement and actually hits the intro to the first movement pretty hard.

    Even more than with the other movements, I am very curious about what everyone thinks. I have a lot opinions, but don’t want to influence your listening….. (Obviously I like it or I wouldn't post it )

    Anyway, here is the entire sonata up to this point (there have been some slight changes to the other movements):

    1st Movement - Adagio-allegro con brio
    2nd Movement - Adagio
    3rd Movement - Scherzo allegro

    I posted a slight revision of this today (12/22).
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: 3rd Movement, Piano Sonata in g minor

    Trent, some first-rate writing in this; beautifully
    done, especially the parts with the lines in there fighting
    it out in a highly spirited dialogue...

    In the gentler areas, there were a few spots where I
    think you might relisten for rhythic impetus, slight stalls
    that might either be prolonged to make the point or driven
    through a little harder, one or the other.

    Looking forward to the finale!



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