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Topic: New Front Page

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    Thumbs up New Front Page

    Over the last 9 years NSS has grown into a community ranging from world renowned composers, musicians and developers to up and coming students aspiring to learn the techniques of these great composers. Regardless of what brings us here we have one thing we share; NSS has become a gathering place of people who have a common love of music. We're constantly endeavoring to enhance the users' browsing experience.
    With new times, new forums, new products and new developers we’ve created a new look for the new year approaching.


    enjoy! more to come shortly

    masimon dburnett

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    Re: New Front Page

    Looks pretty good!

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    Re: New Front Page

    Very, very nice!!!!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: New Front Page

    Good news! NSF is the more elegant and one of the best Forum worldwide for the daily "Know how".
    I wish a prosper and friendly new 2007!

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    Re: New Front Page

    This does look very nice indeed, and thank you for the service that you provide.

    Seasons greetings and a Happy new year!


    And now also at Flickr!



    View Simon Fielder's Profile at NorthernSounds.net

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    Re: New Front Page

    Very nice! There's actually a reason to go to the front page now instead of using my links straight into the forums..

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    Re: New Front Page

    Congratulations on your, very, nice looking home page.....very tasteful and classy. I have just updated to Explorer v7 and thought something had gone wrong! (I'm still struggling to get used to it)

    I hope that you will progress so that we can see who's visiting, how many thread views etc as some (most?) other sites permit. I can see why you might wish to hide this information but I feel that if you have the courage to do this it might pay in the long run....but hey, what do I know? (I only know what I prefer! )

    Anyway an impressive new look and a fresh start.



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