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Topic: Help-Guide for a Beginner

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    Help-Guide for a Beginner

    Hi all,

    first i have a very good sense for rythm and music, so im not a total newbie. I bought Garritan Personal Orchestra, and now i want to start tryiing different things. (with mouse & keyboard, no midi device, even when its easier some of you will say)

    Can someone tell me what i have to do? I installed the software but, i knew that i maybe have to install additional a sequenzer, but what have i to do when i want to start composing... I tried so long, but never saw a screen or something where i can choose instruments and start composing or something like that...

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Help-Guide for a Beginner

    You'll need a sequencer or music notation program to record your own music. Are you on a PC or Mac?


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    Re: Help-Guide for a Beginner


    Thanks a lot for your answer.

    I have a pc.

    Now do you know a good sequenzer... Im not good in notation (its a while ago) so is there a sequenzer, where i can just choose the instrument from the garritan orchestra, and directly compose something with choosing the right note and so on... i hope you understand what i mean... And how do i have to setup everything... Will the sequenzer know garritan? Im sure you have the right sequenzer-tipp for a bloody beginner

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Help-Guide for a Beginner

    As you want to use a sequencer and are on a PC, I recommend that you start off with a "lighter" sequencer from Cakewalk or Steinberg. These programs will do all that you need at your level, are inexpensive, and will provide a reasonable upgrade path to the heavy hitter programs if you find, down the road, that you need something more.

    For Cakewalk products, check out SONAR HomeStudio or HomeStudio XL:
    (SONAR Home Studio is US$139; XL is $209)

    For Cubase, Cubase SE 3 is around where you want to start:

    Both support VSTi, the system through which GPO integrates into them. (You start the sequencer and then "load" GPO as a "plug-in," routing the midi notes through it.)

    I'm a Cakewalk guy myself, and will be happy to sway you to that side if you have any questions. There are many Cubase users on the forum as well, who will be happy to tell you why you should buy Cubase SE instead. Either one works; it comes down to the interface and small differences between the two.


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    Re: Help-Guide for a Beginner

    Or MusicCreator 3 (for $29 !) also from Cakewalk.


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