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Topic: Two Questions

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    Two Questions


    I am new to SSV, and I have two questions.
    Yes, I have read the manual!

    1) Is there any difference between the sound resulting on Keyswitch "C" and Keyswitch "E". I don't hear any difference.

    2) In the manual on page 43 there are described different impuls responses, which I cannot find. On my Kontaktplayer there are only two, which sound the same, named Strad_2_01 und Strad_2_02. Nothing like body response, nothing like ambience or dimensionless space.

    Anything wrong?

    Thanks for an answer.

    All the best


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    Re: Two Questions


    The default C1 keyswitch activates spiccato attacks.
    F1 keyswitch, downbow attacks.
    E1 keyswitch reactivates spiccato attacks, without however restoring the instrument to the default state. This means that, for example, poly mode, if previously selected, will be maintained after pressing E1.

    Vers. 2.0 is provided with two IRs, namely Strad_2_01 und Strad_2_02.
    Additional IRs should be loadable with vers. 1.08.



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    Re: Two Questions


    thank you for your answer. Now I understand the difference between "E" and "C"-Sound.



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