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Topic: Getting more out of K2's VSL library

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    Getting more out of K2's VSL library

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    Re: Getting more out of K2's VSL library

    Quote Originally Posted by synthuser
    I don't do much orchestral work. Usually I'm pop-oriented, with some incorporation of orchestral elements. Occassionally I dip into something that needs better orchestral sounds, but I'm having a hard time justifying even the cost of a bargain such as Emerald. I was a happy user of GPO but I found I was only using the ensembles so K2's libraries were fine.

    If you look at a sample of mine like The Angel Gabriel (orchestra comes in part-way through, drums from the start, organ at the end), I find the sound is okay thanks to the heavy reverb. The articulation and releases seem to be the weak points to my rookie ears. I have been working with SIPS to get better legato, but that is not solving the problem.

    Other than getting better with the mod-wheel X-fades, are there other things I can do to get a better sound, or from listening above do you think I'm approaching the limits of the library? I'm not interested in meticulous MIDI editing and just want to play the music. I use a weighted keyboard for entering all parts.

    Thanks for your tips.
    It sounds to me as if you are near the limits of the library; that is, if you are not interested in meticulous MIDI editing. Sadly, you can only get out what you put in. Having said that, it sounds pretty decent as it is.



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