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Topic: Buying a PTools HD3 system, SSL's new i/o

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    Question Buying a PTools HD3 system, SSL's new i/o

    Hey Everyone,
    Sorry for the long probing post, byt I'm in need of info by Dec. 20th?

    I am a film composer in Los Angeles, and do a rather ecclectic mix of music throughout the year (Orchestral to Techno). I currently run my PCs, thru ADAT or SPDIF, into (3) 02Rs (old version), then into my Nuendo DAW.

    I'm ready to buy an HD3 ProTools system to wrangle my (8)
    Lightpiped PCs of Orchestral samples+VSTis and my Nuendo 3 PC,
    trying to minimize the latency in my system.
    HD3 System
    (4) 192 Digital i/o (Lightpipex2)
    (2) 192 i/o Nuendo's (2) ADAT + (16) Analog (Synths/Mic chains,etc)

    As I wrangle all of this together, I read about the SSL/Sydec XLogic DeltaLink MADI HD box, that supposedly connects to a HD card in PT, supplying 64 channels of i/o.

    Hmm, if this box works, I could get an RME ADI-648 ADAT to MADI converter box (8 lightpipe to 64 ch MADI) and basically hook up all of my PC samplers using one card in PTools. This could also allow me to buy an HD2 instead, and only (2) 192 i/o.


    1-2. ADAT to MADI conversion, is it pro quality? Does it introduce a latency?
    3. Can an HD PT card accept 64 channels into (1) process card?
    4. Does anyone know about the quality of converters in the SSL, compared to the HD3 system's 192 converters?
    5. Would a HD2 system handle 96 channels, adding reverb + efx to the sampled orchestra, as well as mastering efx on the master bus (stereo & 5.1).

    Advice / thoughts would be much appreciated.


    Mr. A.

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    Re: Buying a PTools HD3 system, SSL's new i/o

    Don't know much about the Madi stuff...but i've got a couple of PC's lightpiped into my PT HD rig....a single process card can handle 2 interfaces which takes 16 ins/16 outs each...for a total of 32 inputs per card.


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    Re: Buying a PTools HD3 system, SSL's new i/o

    This is an excellent question. I too am looking at a PT HD system to alleviate my latency issues and have been mostly put off by having to buy a seperate 192 Dig for every 2 banks of Lightpipe.

    I would love to know the answers to your questions as well.

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