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Topic: GPO problem after PT 7.3 update...

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    GPO problem after PT 7.3 update...

    I just did the upgrade to Protools 7.3 and upon PT startup I 1st got an "incorrect authorization" message for GPO. After redoing the authorization process again then starting PT, i now get a "Garritan is installed incorrectly. Please reinstall..." Does GPO work with PT 7.3? GPO was working fine up through PT 6.9

    Mac Dual 2.5 PPC

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    Re: GPO problem after PT 7.3 update...

    This doesn't seem to be happening on the PC version with 7.3.1. I updated
    and things seem to be working OK.

    On the other hand, i'm have really serious drop-out problems
    with the 7.3.1 version which was released yesterday. Any
    thing less than a 1/4 note and it drops out. Seems to get better
    if i reduced the DAE buffer to 128 .. but then all the RTAS plug-ins
    start to time out.

    Anybody else having this problem?


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