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Topic: What sequencers have SOME notation capability?

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    What sequencers have SOME notation capability?

    I'm just curious. More options...

    Note! If you know a noteworthy sequencer with notable notation abilities, please note it here!
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    Re: What sequencers have SOME notation capability?


    Logic has about the best notation features I have seen in a sequencer. I used to use Logic and started with V 1.X, but after Logic 6, I switched to Digital Performer. Why? Because Logic was a nightmare with GPO and I wanted to use GPO. DP is so great with GPO.

    Even thought DP is my sequencer of choice, I would never recommend it for notation. Very small portion of a great program and hardly any notation editing capabilities at all. Logic is like Finale compared to DPs notation features.

    Don't know about Sonar or Steinberg, but I used Steinberg a number of years ago and the notation portion wasn't bad, just not complete.

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    Re: What sequencers have SOME notation capability?

    Sonar's notation is OK. I'm on Sonar 5, and if I need to input a few bars it won't give me much of an issue. I do most of my work in Sibelius and Overture and port it to Sonar, however.

    It automatically fills rests and will place the note in the measure relative to where you click (click 3/4 through the measure and it goes on beat 3), kind of like Sib or Finale

    There are hotkeys for the Stave view, so you don't have to keep clicking to select notes. 2 is halfnote, 4 for quarter, and so on.

    It'll only do simple triplets and single dotted figures and the only way I've found to create a tied note is to place the first one, right click, and up the duration to where I want it. All very workable, but no doubt not the best way.

    Sonar has tablature support based on the notes on the staves too. Not sure if you need it, but it's there. I imagine it goes tab -> stave too but I haven't checked.

    Not sure about the print quality, but I wouldn't expect much.

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    Re: What sequencers have SOME notation capability?

    Hey Max,

    I'd recommend Overture 4. It is a notation program that is ALSO a sequencer (for MIDI only) Its MIDI editing is REALLY nice and very much in-tune with what most sequencers offer as far as interface. You see the piano scroll view and can edit with drawing in CC data and all that jazz, but hit a key and you see the notation side of that. It is very nice. I am anxious for a Mac version of it.

    BUT. if you need it to also allow for AUDIO wav tracks and that kind of editing, you need to stick to Logic, Cubase ( which is the only sequencer I have personally worked with that has notation, but not the greatest) or Sonar.

    DP is probably the best sequencer out there, IMO - I have had some experience with it. But I personally use Tracktion most of the time - which has no notation whatsoever. But it fits nicely with my workflow. If I am going to "compose" a piece, i do it in Finale, then export that as a MIDI file to Tracktion, then edit the heck out of it, render and viola! When I am done, I have an excellent LOOKING score, and (if I am lucky), an excellent SOUNDING audio file. If I plan on doing something really quick, or plan to improvise parts in, I will skip the notation alltogether and just play in the parts. I "think" better in notation, and am way more organized in those thoughts than when working with MIDI piano scrolls view.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: What sequencers have SOME notation capability?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    Hey guys,

    I MAY need to totally change my software from MOTU's Performer and Mosaic. So would you recommend DP and Sibelius!? That seems to be the consensus that I've heard. I assume you can import MIDI files into Sibelius with no problems like into Mosaic!?

    My brother is turning out professional scores ( playable by an orchestra ) with Sibelius.

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    Re: What sequencers have SOME notation capability?

    I use Finale 2007 and Sonar 5 (soon to be upgrading to Sonar 6) and am very happy with my work flow.

    I also have Overture 4 whihc I have had some early success with, but haven't even felt inclined to look at in the last six months because of workflow and functionality issues - this could be becuase I am so used to Finale, and also some my isues may have been fixed in more recent patches - I don't know.

    I would suggest downlading demos of any program you are interested in to see which suits you best.
    Richard N.

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    Re: What sequencers have SOME notation capability?

    I use Sonar/Finale. Sonar does have ok staff capabilities, however for the sake of pretty(enhamonic correct spelling) it is not recommended for "pretty" score layout and does lack specific kinds of special "tuplets" accept for common triplet types.

    As far as sequencer VS notation. Well so far in my experience you can get much more out of a sequencer in terms of personalization of something. Granted notation is getting really good at interpretation and has added piano rolls. Still with a sequencer, you have just unsurpassed control from a huge selection of midi control to effects/plugins(most work well with just about any Dxi/vst) and audio mixing. Being able to route specific instrument groups to different "mic/mimic or impulse" reverbs ect is one of the biggest pluses to a sequencer in an audio mixdown(trying to run a bunch of impulses on live midi and a ton of instruments can really bog a system and create cracks/dropouts ect).

    There is a wide opinion on what sequencer is best and I think it comes down to personal taste and will not go into a debate on what is better. I use Sonar because I like Sonar the best. Just my opinion.

    So for pretty go with notation, but if you want a huge range of control from reverbs(multiple) and effects, midi data, routing, audio tracks ect ect, go with a sequencer you feel is to your likeing. I believe most have trial versions so you can test which "you" would prefer.
    Robert Davis

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    Re: What sequencers have SOME notation capability?

    Hmm... maybe I'll try out a couple of demos, but it's looking like Finale 2007 is still my best bet. I'd have liked to use other VST instruments though.

    I know that Overture4 would work, but I've been so soured to the idea after the chief slapped me across the face.
    "AAAAUUUUGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!" -- Charlie Brown

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    Re: What sequencers have SOME notation capability?

    does Sonar have the ability to "record to audio file"?

    also, what is the difference between the various versions of Sonar? I see a "studio" version, a "producer" version, and one that seems to be a "home" version.

    Is someone who works in Finale and is happy with Finale's HP playback settings going to need the more expensive producer version? or would the lesser (well, at least from the price) home edition of Sonar be as functional?

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    Re: What sequencers have SOME notation capability?

    If I remember correctly, Gary did mention that at some point in the future a notation program would be bundled with one of the Garritan products again.

    It might be worth waiting a little while to see what this is.


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