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Topic: setting up finale with giga and/or cubase

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    setting up finale with giga and/or cubase

    Hi. I am looking into the Finale/Personal Orchestra, for recording multiple parts behind live players. Any input as to the best sequencer-Sonar or Cubase? Thanks-Rilla

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    Re: setting up finale with giga and/or cubase

    which ever one works best for you!

    I suspect you'll find a nearly equal population on each side of the question.

    My vote is for Sonar. I just like the way it works. I just installed Version 6, and I am thoroughly impressed with many of the workflow features, probably the most important is the ability to do version control on projects!

    And I think you can customize nearly every aspect of the program now. I probably won't go so far as to mess with colors, but I spent an hour today organizing all my plugins into a menu structure that will work for me! And I moved a few widgets around in the track view.

    Next up, someone from the Cubase camp...
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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