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    Is there any database of scores in finale or other program on the internet - I mean film music - any film music. I want to learn compose music for orchestra in that style so I am looking for some scores - the best would be in Finale or similar program, because there can I only play one instrument and hear what is it like. I have got Garritan Personal Orchestra so I can hear it like in reality. So if you have any contact on such site please write me. The best would be if someone knows where can I find Pirates Of The Caribbean in Finale or other program. Thanks very much.
    contact: kavis@centrum.sk

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    Re: Database

    I use Sibelius and obviously there is sibeliusmusic.com. Of course, there is probably none of what you want. However, I know that Sibelius 4 comes with a piece called Witch Hunt which is in the style of a film score.

    Anyways, best way to learn is to grab a scene from a movie (I don't know about copyright issues here, so if you recieve fines from the MPAA, it isn't my fault). and just try composing to it. I actually need to try this method out myself as I hear it works rather well.
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    Re: Database

    Peter Alexander offers the scores of John Williams and other film music guides for sale. It's not in Finale, but you can buy the soudtrack CD, and listen to it as you follow with the score - and you can jot notes with pencil and use sticky notes to bookmark your favorite parts.


    Also, you can get full Dover scores of The Firebird and The Planets scores for less than $20 apiece from Amazon or Sheet Music Plus. They're not film scores, but are very cinematic nonetheless - and they've been ripped off by film composers many times!

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