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Topic: Kontakt 2.2 Update is ready!

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    Angry Kontakt 2.2 Update is ready!

    I really need that Kontakt 2.2 Update for my GPO. I checked with you last week, but you just sent me to Native Instruments web site “A MAC OSX Intel Kontakt 2 Player is now available at (http://www.nativeinstruments.com/index.php?id=intelmac_us&nit=1&l_src=tiger_).

    But when I tried the Native Instruments web site wouldn’t let me is update. I contacted Native Instruments tech support explaining what’s happened that I have a new system and need the update. The reply I received from Native Instruments was “You\'ve maxed out your authorizations and will need to disable one of your system ID\'s before creating a new authorization key. FYI: The only way as of now to load GPO on an Intel based Mac is through Kontakt 2.2. There is not an Intel ready version of Garritan Personal Orchestra. Please contact Garritan for more information.”

    So where does these leave users like me. The good folks at Sweetwater tech support agree that this update needs to be made available ASAP. I also spoke with the good people at Mackie (Kurt) who don’t understand why there was such a delay getting this to your users.

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    Re: Kontakt 2.2 Update is ready!

    See the Sticky at the top of the forum called Update on Where We Are At. This explains where they are with the updates. It basically says that they have received the update from NI, they then have to do the update for the new player and then NI has to encode it. Most of the delay is at NI getting encoded.


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    Re: Kontakt 2.2 Update is ready!

    I see that this is your first post within this forum. I want to say hello and welcome to this community of composers/musicians/users of Garritan products. We sincerely hope that you find this site to be a safe, friendly, supportive and informative place to visit.

    The frustration of not having all owned software updated for the Intel-based Apple computers seems to be shared by many, many MacPro users. I purchased a new Mac Pro workstation and I know that it may be weeks or even months before all of my software is up to date with my new Mac Pro computer. I know that Native-Instruments have both the Kontakt plug-in and Kontakt Player plug-in updated to Universal Binary. But I guess it still takes time for the sound library companies that utilizes the Kontakt Player, like Garritan and East West, to get things "encoded into the MacIntel compatible Kontakt 2 Player" in order to effectively work with this plug-in. The Garritan company has been keeping its users/costumers well informed of the progress of this update. Here is a link to the original thread that Gary Garritan started informing us of his company's progress: An Update of Where We are At. Here is a link to a more updated post by Gary Garritan: An Update on an Update.

    Now, I don't know if the Garritan company has sent their work over to Native Instruments so that they can do THEIR work. But I remember reading somewhere that that part of the update process is close at hand. (Wish I could find the thread & post that mentions this. ) When this happens, it is up to Native Instruments to to take the sound libraries and "port" them to the Kontakt 2 Player. As you probably know, there are a whole bunch of software companies "standing in line", waiting for Native Instruments to finalize the products.

    I tell you, I share your frustration in waiting for the Intel-Mac software updates. Like many people, I own a bunch of Adobe products. From what I can tell, it's going to be many, many months before any of the Adobe software products will be ready for the New Intel-Mac computers. The same holds true for most ofSteinberg's audio-software products, and for the East-West sound library products, and for the Yellow Tools audio software products, and so on and so on and so on.

    I guess Apple's decision to utilize Intel-based CPU's has caused quite a stir. One that's STILL being felt today, several months since the Mac Pro computers have been out for sale. It seems like there are STILL many, many companies, including the Garritan/Native-Instruments companies, that are still working on the updates. And for good or for bad, I guess all we can do is attempt to remain patient as these companies "do their work".

    I am grateful that Mr. Garritan has spent much time and energy keeping his costumers informed of his company's progress with this time-consuming update. Sadly, this has not been true for other companies.

    Again, welcome to this forum! I hope you spend some time to get to know the membership here. There is a bunch of friendly folk that visit this bulletin board!


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