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Topic: Two Spears, One Heart (new version)

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    Two Spears, One Heart (new version)

    Hey everyone, been a while since I've been to the forums. Been a bit busy but now I have some time to come back and have a listen to the new demos.

    This is something I posted a while ago as a WIP, but I've been refining it over the last few days...let me know what you think!

    Two Spears One Heart
    MP3, 3:55. By Chris Hurn.



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    Re: Two Spears, One Heart (new version)


    I really like the chord progressions. Has Hans Zimmer helped you with this? I think it's very influenced by him, isn't it? I think about Perl Harbour, The Last Samurai, and maybe Batman Begins.

    Well done. I think it should have a bit less of reverb, and the repetitions starting at 2:06 are a bit machine-gunish (I know it's very hard to get ride of it). Anyway, I have enjoyed it a lot.

    Thanks for posting it!

    PS: (Mandatory question ) Which libraries are involved in this piece?

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    Re: Two Spears, One Heart (new version)

    Thanks for listening.

    I am highly influienced by Hans Zimmer, but this because I listen to his scores A LOT (even when I am sleeping, almost every night LOL) I just love the stuff, and I guess it kind of shows in my work sometimes. As you can probably tell, I am an aspiring hollywood film composer. :P

    The library is GPO, with a few free giga/kontakt patches from the internet. (for percussion, mixed with the GPO percussion)


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    Re: Two Spears, One Heart (new version)

    I am impressed!

    What a nice use of GPO + freebies! I suppose you have used the G-Town percussion and some SAM free brass patches.

    I hope you find a job at Remote Control studios (Mediaventures) some day. If so, tell Hans I'm a big fan of him!

    Keep us posted with new works.

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    Re: Two Spears, One Heart (new version)

    hehe thanks. What's G-Town percussion? I've seen in mentioned once or twice on the forum but that's about it. No SAM free brass, the brass is all GPO. I tried to use the free brass patches once, but all I could get them to do was play a few notes, like only 3-4 were available.

    The percussion is the SAM free dark fx, toms, alchemystudio "mighty hits" (not free anymore, but they were when i got them) plus GPO Timp cymbals, and percussion toys... a free frame drum, and a few other things.


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    Re: Two Spears, One Heart (new version)

    G-Town Church project is a project recorded by Tobias Marberger, and released under Creative Commons license. He recorded it in a church, with lots of reverb. It has a church organ, stomps, prepared piano FX, overblown flutes, metal percussion, bongos, snares, and more.

    You can download here: (it's 100% legal)

    You'll need a bittorrent client to download it, but it's worth installing one only to have those samples.

    Hope to have helped.

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    Re: Two Spears, One Heart (new version)

    Vividly cinematic, impactful writing in this, Chris;
    especially the driving run as it takes off in the
    latter parts after the introductory material.

    I think the only compositional point I'd consider
    is perhaps thinning out texture a bit in the
    early part of the piece... sometimes less is more,
    leaning into the more powerful material that follows.

    Loved the brass work in this, too, especially
    heading into the tail.


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    Re: Two Spears, One Heart (new version)

    Very nice Your Zimmer passion indeed shows. Been listening to Pirates 2 lately by any chance? Over and over again?
    I've been trying to get some Zimmer-sound out of GPO myself too, but I'm lacking the time to polish up any of the stuff so far.
    Did get myself StormDrum, which you really want to throw into the mix if you're going for the big, no, huge Hollywood sound, trust me
    Hope I'll be able to post some of my own work here some day, but I am my own toughest critic, and usually end up hating my own pieces. So until I don't, I won't
    -- Mr. Kej

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    Re: Two Spears, One Heart (new version)


    Very, very dramatic writing. Definately in the style of "Z" but also your own. Great lush scoring and use of the GPO and other libraries/patches. I like the way that you take your time building and working and idea.



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