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Topic: Pedal help...

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    Question Pedal help...

    Hi, all. I just got Strad last night and am planning to purchase an expression pedal. I have a Kawai. Kawai no longer makes an expression pedal but the techs recommended either the Yamaha FC7 or Behringer FCV100. Does anyone have experience with these pedals? Are there any otheres that you would recommend that would work with a Kawai (based on the two above). Also I have an input for FSW which I imagine is another pedal. Can I use tow of the same pedals? I believe both are assignable, however I'm somewhat inexperiecned at the hardware end of midi. Any insight you can give would be greatly appreciated. ~Eric

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    Re: Pedal help...

    I assume "FSW" is for "footswitch", which is an on-off pedal like a Hold Pedal.

    You'll only be able to use one of those expression pedals and one footswitch, assuming there are just the two inputs (typically labelled EXP and FSW).

    As for assigning their control, it depends on the internal operating system of the Kawai. Sometimes it's fully assignable, sometimes it's confined to CC#11, which means you'll have to translate it in your host sequencers (which generally is fairly easy).

    Pretty much any expression pedal should work for you. (Footswitch pedals, on the other hand, have two different possible polarities, which can be an issue!) Then again, I have an extremely cheap expression pedal that works only "half range" (values 0-64) on my cheap Edirol keyboard! Hopefully you won't have that problem, but it always helps to buy from a place with a return guarantee.

    - m
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