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Topic: help with gpo and finale 2006

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    help with gpo and finale 2006


    I'm currently working on three pieces for my college auditions, but I am having a little trouble with GPO (full) and Finale 2006. My main problem is with the suspended cymbal sound--when i try to put in a roll, it turns out either sounding horrible (Finale HP rolling on top of the sampled roll) or it won't crecendo through the roll even though one is written in. My second problem is with memory--I have 1 GB installed on my computer, but even so the GPO sounds crack somewhat during playback, especially during string/woodwind runs. I wouldn't mind creating two sound files and then merging them in Audiacity or the Cubase that comes with GPO, but I was wondering how I would go about doing this and adding reverb after the fact.

    If you have anything that could help me please do!!!


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    Re: help with gpo and finale 2006

    for the suspended cymbal rolls, you need to create a new articulation that wil notate but not playback - create a roll symbol, assign it to only use "above note use main symbol" AND "below note use main symbol", then replace the roll hash marks "///" with a tril symbol, or something else.
    that way, HP ignores that articulation.

    remove the STAFF NAME "cymbal", don't use the percussion clef (I always use the "no clef" option for percussion anyways) when assiging your clef for that staff.

    HP will treat all percussion as veing velocity based,except the rolls aren't. So you have to trick it into thinking it's dealing with, for example, a violin.
    HP also checks staff names, type of clef, etc.. when deciding how it will play back a staff.

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