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Topic: Nuendo-Gigastudio problem

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    Nuendo-Gigastudio problem

    hi everyone
    I am running in PC with gigastudio and Nuendo and I have spent about four days to find out a solution for this problem, but I didn't find nothing.

    I have loaded in gigastudio about 8 instruments, each one in separates channels. In Nuendo I have routed the MIdi tracks to each GS channel .

    Here is my problem...when I click play in Nuendo, all instruments automatically are unload in GS.
    I do anything, but all in GS is not configured and I should load the instruments again in each channel. If I click again play in nuendo to listen, again GS is not configured and all the instruments unload.

    Can anyone help me to find what is going on here. I am getting crazy

    Thanks people

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    Re: Nuendo-Gigastudio problem

    Sounds like it is trying to change midi patch on play. I don't know how Nuendo works there, but I've seen that problem with Finale before. You had to untick a "send patches before play" option or something like that.

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