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Topic: Expression Pedal advice...

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    Question Expression Pedal advice...

    Hi, all. I'm looking to buy an expression pedal. Can anyone give any input on EPs that are good? I have a Kawai MP4. I'm looking at the M -Audio pedal or the Fatar VP-26. Any other choices suggestions or comments? Thanks. ~Eric

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    Re: Expression Pedal advice...

    You will find recent recommendations posted in the Strad section of the forum

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    Re: Expression Pedal advice...

    Thanks, Demrod. I've actually read those which is how I came up with the Fatar pedal. I'm hoping to get more input on other pedals, especially the M-Audio as it is more convenient for me to purchase. Any info would be appreciated. ~Eric

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    Re: Expression Pedal advice...

    Be aware that different controllers work with different pedals.

    I have a Kurweil PC88 and a Yamaha expression pedal. They don't work together. I even tried adding various series and parallel resistors to get it to match up. No luck. The only fix would be to replace the potentiometer in the pedal with one of the correct value/linearity. Unfortunately, I haven't found one with the same mechanical dimensions and the correct pot.

    Before buying, make sure the pedal is compatible.

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    Re: Expression Pedal advice...

    Jon, this is so weird, I was talking on the phone just last night about this very thing. My friend has a Peavey C8P controller keyboard and needs a volume pedal for the Strad. I have a Kurzweil K2000, and I tried using the volume pedal from my old KX-88, but of course the potentiometer value was way off, it was worth trying. This is part of a specific design where these manufacturers make it so you are forced to buy "their" pedal.

    I plan to go to the local used electronics junk shop and buy a pot that is the correct value, and swap it out. A very simple thing to do with a screw driver and a soldering pencil.

    Anyone know where a guy can buy a Kurzweil volume pedal?


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    Re: Expression Pedal advice...

    Says it's for cc#1 though it may be adjustable...

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    Re: Expression Pedal advice...

    Quote Originally Posted by ofafeather
    Says it's for cc#1 though it may be adjustable...
    On my Kurzweil there are adjustments, but I still couldn't get there from here. No matter how I adjusted it or how many resistors I added to the pedal, I couldn't get the range and linearity to be usable.

    On the PC88 I can point the pedal at CC1 or any other linear controller (CC7, CC11, etc)

    The problem with the potentiometer in the Yamaha pedal is that it's somewhat non-standard mechanically. It's smaller than the standard size, and the shaft length is a bit odd. I'd probably need to buy one with a longer shaft and cut it down with a hacksaw.

    Anyway, if you buy a pedal from the same manufacturer as your controller, you're set. Otherwise, find out the resistance and linearity of the pedal and make sure it's a match.

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    Re: Expression Pedal advice...

    Well, I opted for the Yamaha FC7 expression pedal after talking to a tech at Kawai. They're are recommending the Yamaha as well as the Behringer FCV100. The tech I had spoke with has used the Yamaha in the past and thought it a good pedal. Thanks for the input. ~Eric

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