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Topic: Odd Keyswitched Strings Anomaly

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    Odd Keyswitched Strings Anomaly

    Strange thing happened for the first time yesterday when I was using keyswitched group string patches.

    I wanted to switch to tremolo for one note, quarter note duration, and then return to "normal" articulation.

    After doing the editing on several MIDI channels, doing the keyswitching on 1st strings, 2nd strings and violas, I decided I wasn't so sure I wanted to keep the edit. When I reverted back to the pre-keyswitched versions of the tracks, the tremolo was still being kicked in, and wildly out of tune.

    When I soloed the 2nd strings track, this "ghost tremolo" note would sound off at the place where I'd temporarily tried it, and would appear in a totally different place in the stereo field.

    I examined event lists and found nothing unusual. I made sure all my MIDI tracks were visible in the project, to be sure I didn't somehow accidentally include the keyswitch experiment on an unintended track.

    I found nothing. No matter what I did, these out of tune ghost tremolos wouldn't go away. I ended up having to dip the volume drastically during that moment, and mask the semi-muted passage with the brass and woodwinds. Not a great solution.

    Any idea what all this was about? Is there a group strings keyswitch glitch that perhaps I'm not aware of?


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    Re: Odd Keyswitched Strings Anomaly

    Thanks for the reply, Stephen

    I use Sonar, the Home Studio 4XL version. This particular problem has only come up this in this single instance. If anything odd with notes playing crops up, I always send the "notes off" re-set message--didn't work in this case.

    It's a mystery. AH well!

    Happy New Year!

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    Re: Odd Keyswitched Strings Anomaly

    Just to note that the same thing happened again in a new project.

    The only additional information I have is that this "ghost tremolo" happens when I have a solo instrument doubling what a string section patch is playing. In both cases, I decided against using the articulation change so removed the keyswitch notes, but the tremolo would still be heard where the data used to be--in a different panning position, and out of tune.

    No one has had this kind of problem?


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    Re: Odd Keyswitched Strings Anomaly

    I use Sonar and have this problem too, in exactly the same situations - doubled string parts. I'll take out the solo strings entirely, and continue to hear the ghosting in the ensemble tremolos - two, three beats before, after...

    Be VERY careful with "all notes off"/"panic" in Sonar (see post on [PanicStrength] in the cakewalk.ini file), usually it fries all the volume settings. Sometimes reloading the patches in the player and rerecording the parts helps. When it comes to the mixdown though, I'm always doing salvage work with the keyswitched trems.

    Other thing you could try is avoiding the keyswitch... doesn't really cost you memory wise to load, it's a pain, but it helps.

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    Re: Odd Keyswitched Strings Anomaly

    Thank you much for this, tamaricky

    It's always good to know when an odd glitchy thing happens isn't unique to one's particular set up. Odd though isn't it?

    Yes, next time I know for sure I'll want trem strings, I'll use the separate trem patches.


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