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Topic: GPO Sibelius Edition

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    Unhappy GPO Sibelius Edition

    I use Sibelius 4 notation software with Garritan Personal Orchestra (Sibelius Edition).

    I have a problem with dynamics.......

    When I have, for example, an 8 bar passage with repeat signs at the beginning and end with a pianissimo (P) dynamic at the start - the first time round the passage GPO plays back pianissimo but on the repeat play the volume is louder.

    Can anyone help out with a solution or describe where I am going wrong?

    I'm new on here so a big hello to everyone...!!!

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    Re: GPO Sibelius Edition

    Hi Sunsetskydancer,

    For all of the scoring I have done with the Sibelius 4 / GPO edition, I must admit I have never yet had to use the repeat signs with my music, so, I'm sorry that I can't offer you a solution. However, have you tried going to the Sibelius site, and going on to the chat page?
    You usually get answers very quickly from this, and, sometimes the problem may have occurred before with another user, so, another user or the moderators who keep an eye on the chat page may be able to quickly dive in and help you out.

    Hope this is helpful advice to you!



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    Re: GPO Sibelius Edition

    Hi Steve.....

    Thanks for the reply. I have not tried the Sibelius chat page yet..... but as soon as I post this reply I'll give it a go.

    Thanks for taking the time to mention it.



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