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Topic: VSL Epic Horns vs VSL Pro edition Brass?

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    VSL Epic Horns vs VSL Pro edition Brass?

    I am wondering if I have to buy the VSL epic horns for Brass, but yet I already own the VSL pro edition?
    What is the different between the two?


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    Re: VSL Epic Horns vs VSL Pro edition Brass?

    Totally depends on what musical style you're after, they have a completely different sound. Epic horns is an 8-man section, pro is 4. Epic was specifically performed and designed to sound, well, epic; pro is much more classical and restrained.

    Check out the demos on their website, but also check out the ProjectSAM horns if you're looking for a powerful, cinematic sound. They're my favorite by far!
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: VSL Epic Horns vs VSL Pro edition Brass?

    I havent used pro edition brass but if its like the rest of VSL I can imagine its very restrained and I dont know... "Placcid" sounding.

    Epic Horns articulations and playing style is very inspiring imo, it actually has some really OOMPH behind it. Wonderful library.

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    Re: VSL Epic Horns vs VSL Pro edition Brass?

    I've recently purchased Epic Horns and they're very different indeed to the horns in VSL First Edition (which are bound to be similar sounding to the Pro Edition horns but with far less articulations). The Epic Horns are absolutely immense.

    Love 'em!


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    Re: VSL Epic Horns vs VSL Pro edition Brass?

    Be warned...as good as they sound....

    1 The legato horns do not hold out long enough for many typical phrases....and...

    2 They do not even go up to D one octave above middle C.

    VSL's response was something like "It is very hard for them to hold their breath that long at those ranges, and we based the ranges on the common literature." Something like that. My answer:

    It is very hard for us to part with cash from our wallets,please hire players who can hold the notes...

    Base ranges on music actually written and performed in 2006.

    TH (with tongue somewhat, but not completely, in cheek)
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    Re: VSL Epic Horns vs VSL Pro edition Brass?

    If you get the VSL VI Brass II package (which has Epic Horns) you could easily change from a legato instrument to a sustained instrument and have all the note length you need. (not to mention all the expression and articulations you could ask for.) I don't think the range is any different but I would guess you have the 'C' below stated 'D' above. Not positive about that but their regular 4 Horns patch gets up there. Brass II isn't cheap and you may not need all the other brass in there which are Wagnarian trumpets, tubas etc., and so a little esoteric. However there's very little you couldn't do brass-wise with both Brass I + II.

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