I didn’t want this new Apple Mac Pro to start with. I had an Apple
Macintosh G5 Dual Processor with 2.5 gigs of RAM and I paid $3300.00
for it. Shortly after I bought the computer I had an unusually high number of program crashes. I took it back in 10 times. Over $250.00 worth of repair bills where they can't find any problem. Under the Apple Care extended warrantee I bought they replaced the motherboard twice, both processors twice, the hard drive once, all the RAM once, DVD drive once and the fan motor. They replaced everything, but the power cord (hum, hope that's not the problem). After several calls to Apple's Public Relations Dept at 1-800-275-2273 I did get a replacement. They replaced it with this Mac Pro. Now every PIC card and every bit of software I own has to be updated or replaced. This free replacement Mac Pro will cost me $4000.00 out of pocket by the time I am done…….thanks Apple you bunch of F***-**,,**er(**** s,,…***.

The guys at Sweetwater have been very helpful and are doing all they can to get Gary Garritan to get the update on his site. Kurt at Mackie said he would try to pressure Garritan to move forward as well. Like most recording musicians I’m in the middle of a project. All of the songs and MIDI music is tied up waiting for Garritan to update this player. My music, hence my life is on hold until this update becomes available.

Do I have to buy Kontakt 2.2. to use my Garritan Personal Orchestra again?