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Topic: Strange bugs in GPO / FL Studio, help!!

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    Strange bugs in GPO / FL Studio, help!!

    Using the most updated GPO Kontakt player, and the FL Studio ver 6 we've been getting some strange bugs.

    1) Yesterday, Violins 2 KS, whenever a single note was triggered [even inside of the actual GPO kontakt player by mouse clicking a key] the polyphony for the single note was 21 ??! You could even hear that it was multiple notes because they had slight pitch changes resulting in a heavy phasing/flanging effect.
    Reloading the project did not fix the problem, however reloading the instrument did. What causes this, how do we prevent it?

    2) In a sequence of 1/8 notes, alternating between a C and D for several bars. How do you get legato behaviour without destroying polyphony.
    Holding the sustain controller for the entire sequence, it audibly sounds as if it is transitioning between the two notes, only playing one at a time. But the polyphony quickly jumps to 32, and after a couple bars it stops playing any notes [presumably the most recent notes do not hold priority >( ]. This suggests it is holding every note indefinitely even though they are not making sound. Do I actually have to hit and release the sustain controller for every single not transition?

    3) GPO occasionally just does something weird, such as. We had a viola, intended to glissando a whole note up two half steps 4 times in a row. We did this using portamento, triggering a 1/16 note at the beginning of each bar, followed by the note to glide to lasting until the end of the bar. It behaved correctly, after grabbing the notes and moving them down an octave, the notes refused to ever sustain, almost playing staccato. This was a KS viola but in none of the key switched modes would it return to correct behaviour. Had to reload the instrument to get it to behave.

    4) is there any way to have more than note correctly glide via portamento? even two notes an octave apart, trying to portamento up two half steps to two notes an octave apart behaves wrong. It tries to glide the top octave note, to the bottom octave note.

    5) lastly, how do I change GPO's range for the pitch wheel. The pitch bend controller in FL for a midi channel has a range setting, but this range behaves relative to GPO's pitch bender. That is, a setting of 12 [for one octave] on the FL pitch bend controller, will make the FL controller range at 100% of GPO's [which seems to be 3 half steps]. A setting of 6 covers half the range of the GPO pitch bend. Settings above 12 still only cover 100% of the GPO range. GPO seems to be force the pitch bend range to 3 half steps, I cannot find any option to change this...

    Zoe A

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    Re: Strange bugs in GPO / FL Studio, help!!

    There are many people here more experienced with GPO than I am, but two things occur to me from your post.

    I'm not sure you're using the correct pedal mode for the legato sustain feature. It needs to be the second mode, MIDI control, not regular sustain--chosen in the options pop up in the Kontact player.

    The other thing I know is that the pitch bend Is limited in the GPO instruments to what their real life counterparts are capable of.

    Perhaps there's more to your problems, but maybe this reply will help you some.


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    Re: Strange bugs in GPO / FL Studio, help!!

    actually we have the sustain pedal operation as the 2nd option "no sustain/sostenuto operation, but midi controller" already set. It's the default by which our GPO instances always come up.

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