I' m playing around with the Black Grand demo, which loads as a multi in Kontakt, so that several of the high velocity, middle velocity, low velocity, and the release samples load up as separate intruments.

There are some obvious benefits to this: it's a lot easier in Kontakt to create separate envelopes and volumes for the varying layers if each is kept as a separate instrument. (Assigning the various sets of layers to groups also works, but it can be tricky and tedious trying to detemine which envelopes are assigned to which groups.) On the other hand, when I need to do edits that affect all of the layers, I have to open each of the instruments in the multi to make the same ajustment.

What other advantages come from keeping sets of layers in different instruments? Do those of you who use one method or the other find that you obtain better "realism" from either way of combining the samples into one playable set?