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Topic: New Piano Comparison site

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    New Piano Comparison site

    In the interest of keeping us all aware of the many, many good piano multisamples now available, I wanted to post this link. He or she doesn't use the demo midi files we've all heard so much, and there are more exposed passages than on many of the comparison sites. (I haven't had time to listen to all of the demos, but this appears to be a good, thoughtful, and generous resource.)


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    Re: New Piano Comparison site

    Hah awesome! I think that site is a great idea, but s/he really needs to make sure the overall volume levels stay fairly constant among the different products. Some of the mp3s seemed way louder, and others much much quieter - this not only has a psychological effect ("oh, loud one is the best!") but also kind of dupes you into thinking that the quieter ones will give you a thinner sound. I understand s/he wanted to be fair by recording the same .mid for each, but for overall volumes I think there should be an exception.
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    Re: New Piano Comparison site

    Does the dynamic range of the midifiles has been adjusted for each piano library?

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    Re: New Piano Comparison site

    The message at the top of the site says they were all recorded in the same way, using default settings and without post-performance processing. That may mean the bad thing--that on some of the demos, the exact same midi file was fed into the various sample sets, which leads to the usual problem.

    On the other hand, if that's the case, these demos are surprisingly good.

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    Re: New Piano Comparison site

    Good to know anyway,
    Thank's for the link !

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