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Topic: Jazz for the Holiday

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    Jazz for the Holiday

    Here's a jazz trio piece for the holiday.

    Jazz for the Holiday

    I used Bosendorfer 290, Larry Seyer bass, and Stormdrum.

    Happy Holidays.


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    Re: Jazz for the Holiday

    Great work! That was a nice pre-Christmas treat this morning. I like the arrangement, and the solo passages and drum work are particularly interesting. The only thing I'd say is that the tunes themselves seem a little too quantized for my jazz taste. I'd like to hear a lot more rubato, but perhaps the disconcerting effect of a straight-played tune on top of swinging drums was what you were going for!

    Thanks for posting your work.

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    Re: Jazz for the Holiday


    Always a treat, Marko, always a treat...


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    Re: Jazz for the Holiday

    Thanks Inkfingers. I guess I am more of a drummer than a pianist. My piano playing is a bit stiff. With drums there are six or seven things to hit, but with piano there are at least 88 things to hit at any moment!

    Thanks jamiha.

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    Re: Jazz for the Holiday

    Marko, you inspired me so I opened Logic and recorded a quick little Winter Wonderland.


    Please exuse my awful drum programming and mixing--hey, I'm a pianist! I'd probably fire a drummer who played that bad. Anyway, I used Ivory, Battery and Trilogy.

    Have a great Holiday Season everyone,


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    Re: Jazz for the Holiday


    Great rendition. (I'll take piano lessons from you anytime if you want dums lesson from me.)

    Excellent sound too. The piano and bass in particular sound great.


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