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Topic: Ghost Harmony

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    Ghost Harmony


    This is song kinda fluctuates between light and dark, but overall sustains a subdued, mysterious tone. Perhaps a Christmas song for the netherworld, lol. Instruments are almost entirely GPO, with the exception of some bg brass and vocal sounds. Hope y'all like it, and thanks for listening!

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    Re: Ghost Harmony

    Hi Sam,

    great you are back. Have a nice Christmas. I listened to your piece and it were 2:52 of joy. You are doing well, my friend. Go on posting....

    Again thanks,


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    Re: Ghost Harmony

    Thank you very much, and you have a nice Christmas as well!

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    Re: Ghost Harmony

    Doh, apparently the song was accidently deleted from the sever, had to re-upload it so everything should be cool now

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    Re: Ghost Harmony

    Sam, I really admire your Ghost Harmony piece. What wonderful use of the GPO orchestra, so expertly executed. I need to go back and listen again.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Ghost Harmony

    Heh thanks, I guess I need to buy more memory for my machine though as it was barely chugging along whilst working on this one lol

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    Re: Ghost Harmony

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Dillard
    Heh thanks, I guess I need to buy more memory for my machine though as it was barely chugging along whilst working on this one lol

    Heheheheh yeah...a Giga-byte here and there really adds up quickly!!!

    Great work and rendering with the GPO library. Nice full sound with lots of interesting twists and turns.



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    Re: Ghost Harmony

    Thanks, lol yeah back in the day I would have thought one gig of ram was more than enough, but now it seems 4 gigs is still too little...

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    Re: Ghost Harmony

    Sam -

    Very nice composition and very well sequenced! It sounded great even on my work-computer's cheap speakers!

    After listening to this piece, I am left with the feeling of wanting to hear more. Just curious. Is this an excerpt of a longer piece?? If not, how about making this "2:52" of fine music longer?? I want to hear more!

    Very nice job! And thank you for sharing!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Ghost Harmony

    I'm glad you like it! Heh, yeah the word "lengthy" is not one normally used describe any of my songs. Most of em are just composed on a whim, so they are what they are I suppose. I cannot really force a song to be longer, nor would I want to honestly, they are just quick musical snippets of whatever I want to hear at the moment. I don't often have the urge to sit down and make a fully realized extended piece, as most of my serious side goes to creating sketch art or digital renderings, or writing screenplays lol.

    But considering that everyone here seems to write nothing but wonderful full length pieces all the time, I guess I should give it a try one of these days. I am just an amateur though and know nothing about composition or technical stuff, so I am afraid that if I try to compose some lengthy work it will just kinda fall apart and be a big mess, lol. That and I am pretty sure my computer would explode hehe, but perhaps I will try and put something together anyways. Thank you very much for the nice comments!

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