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Topic: Piano In Your Pocket

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    Arrow Piano In Your Pocket

    According to New Scientist:

    "Samsung says it can turn a cellphone into a full-size piano or a drum kit. A recent patent filing from the South Korean company explains how.

    "Earlier in 2006 Motorola patented a way to use a cellphone screen and keypad to mimic a guitar. But there is little hope of squeezing 88 piano keys or a full set of drums into a handheld device.

    "Samsung's idea is to use a small video projector, embedded in the phone, to project an image of a keyboard or drum skins onto a plain, flat surface. As the owner presses the keys or hits the drums a camera in the phone would detect the motion and convert it into the appropriate musical sound.

    "The phone could either play the sound out loud or make a recording and the phone's camera could even make a video of the performance. The only issue the Samsung patent does not address is how much of a drain this will be on the phone’s battery life."


    Steinway's really worried...

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    Lightbulb Re: Piano In Your Pocket

    Very cool! The cellphone as musical instrument. I can just imagine cellphone symphonies where people get together, whip out their cellphone and start making music. This may cause many more people to become musicians.

    Good find etLux

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Piano In Your Pocket

    Doesn't someone already make a projection (musical) keyboard? I thought I saw something on that a while ago.

    I know it's been done with typing keyboards.


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    Re: Piano In Your Pocket

    Well sure I could put a piano in my pocket but then I doubt I'd have room for my 12" pianist.

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    Re: Piano In Your Pocket

    I was going to use that for the post title, but it was too long... lol.


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    Re: Piano In Your Pocket

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    Yea, gives new life to that old greeting "Is that a piano in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me!?"

    Tusk, tusk...
    Christopher Duncan
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    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: Piano In Your Pocket

    A very long time ago I heard a commedian (George Carlin, if I recall) tell the following joke:

    "Here's something you'll probably never hear anyone say: 'Would you please pass me that piano?'"

    I took a look at my Yamaha EMT-10 and could easily imagine someone saying, "Would you please pass me that piano?"


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    Re: Piano In Your Pocket

    I got too much time on my hands!

    Is that a piano in your pocket or are you just keyed up to see me?

    I found a piano in my pocket once ... how it got in my pocket I'll never know!

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