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Topic: TBO, and.....

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    TBO, and.....

    You all know about the TBO, the BIG Yam C7 piano!
    With it's 93 samples/recorded note, it's not only the largest, but also the sampled piano with the most naturally dynamics on the market.

    Ok, the TBO as we all know it was recorded, close, using a Neumann SM2 stereo michrophone to get the closeness and brightness but to keep it warm. Worked out pretty well I think....

    But, there's another... (god, I feel like I'm in Star Wars...).
    We also recorded a second stereo pair, using a pair of vintage Neumann U89 to capture a bit more ambience and a slightly mellower sounding piano.
    Those samples (also 93 samples/note), has been lurking on my harddisk, untli now!
    I've taken the plunge and handedtiting the +5000 samples (as always) and I'll soon be able to present the first demos of this other TBO perspective.

    So, here we go, yet another piano! Hope you don't hate me too much....
    I'm aiming to release the piano at the end of may, and there will be an introductional price.

    Problem is that I don't know what the name the darn thing.... any ideas? Winner get's a freebie!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: TBO, and.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Worra
    Problem is that I don't know what the name the darn thing.... any ideas? Winner get's a freebie!
    TOBO - The other big one
    TBOS - The big one, sedated
    TOAB - This one's also big
    TOBT - This one's big, too
    TRBO - The really big one (when sold together with TBO)
    TBO2 - boring
    OINK - I'll have to work on the acronym...


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    Re: TBO, and.....

    TBO/MA - The big one, medium ambience

    Love the Black Grand/MA, BTW.


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    Re: TBO, and.....

    I'm not sure it's fair to ask us to name it until we've heard one or two songs using it. How about recording "Amazing Grace" with this new set of sample?

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    Re: TBO, and.....

    I've decided to call it "The Piano Within". Let us know what you decide to call it.


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    Re: TBO, and.....

    To eliminate a sequel-sounding name but still connect the products; perhaps simply TGO - "The Great One" would do?
    Or maybe a german approach; "Die Grosse"?
    Just my late night rapid brainstorming; looking forward to hear some samples!
    Ha en trevlig Valborg!

    /Daniel Beckman

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    Re: TBO, and.....

    How about

    "TBO Sister". That way its consistent with the white Grand and the White Sister. Which follows the similar sound format.


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    Smile Re: TBO, and.....

    Worra, I just though of another one, TBS (The Big Sister). but I still like what I suggested in my earlier post better. The reason I still like "TBO Sister" more is because, it keeps it within the TBO family and its easy for identify it as such. Because I kinda see it as a name brand identification, obviously TBO, and the White Grand are well known, like, and respected libraries. Its kind of like a Mercedes Benz, and all variations of that car are still called Mercedes Benz C class, E class or what ever.

    Ok, thats just my opinion


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    Re: TBO, and.....

    Sounds good Worra - I'm still waiting for a mellow piano to top the Malmsjö

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    Re: TBO, and.....

    Quote Originally Posted by ddarwin7
    Worra, I just though of another one, TBS (The Big Sister).
    What if your girlfriend has a weight problem?

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