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Topic: Seven Seas Grand Giveaway

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    Seven Seas Grand Giveaway

    The Seven Seas Grand, 7CG, sets new standards when it comes to sampled pianos.
    Recorded close, for details, nuances and contour, using vintage Neumann tube microphones for warmth, is what gives 7CG it's unique character.

    A piano is one of the most dynamic instruments there is. This is why a piano can be used in so many different musical genres. It has such a dynamic range!
    The only way to capture that range in a natural way is to record extremely many velocity samples. From the softest pianissimo, to the fiercest forte, and all in between.
    7CG has no less then 93 samples/recorded note! That's 31 pedal up, 31 pedal down and 31 release samples. This is something that totally unique for SampleTekk and this is what makes 7CG breathe!

    Listen to these demos (these demos replaces the ones posted elsewhere before):

    7CG Demo 1
    7CG Demo 2 (Christmas Time is Here - performed by Sue Keller)
    7CG Demo 3
    7CG Demo 4
    7CG Demo 5
    7CG Demo 6 (Stella by Starlight - performed by Richard Krull)
    7CG Demo 7
    7CG Demo 8

    All demos where made using 7CG and nothing else, no effects, no nothing. Impulses are recorded to be used with convoluting reverb, but on these demos it's the samples, pure and easy!

    The 7CG will be released the 1:st of June. From May 15:th you will be able to buy 7CG at a special pre-release price.
    Normal price will be $199 and the special pre-release price will be $119
    There will be a bundle with 7CG and TBO, TB2, which will sell for $318
    Upgrades for registered TBO users will be available for $119

    Up until May the 15:th you can participate in a 7CG giveaway! We will draw three winners that will get a copy of the 7CG each. To enter, just post a reply here, letting me know what you think of the 7CG, say hello or do a limerick!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: Seven Seas Grand Giveaway

    That's generous !

    A limerick... huug...

    Why not a song ? ...Hum, for that I would need the piano first...

    Good luck for this new baby !

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    Re: Seven Seas Grand Giveaway

    Wow.... After TBO released, I really like the Yamaha Grand Sounds... (I have some Yamaha Grand Piano Samples)

    Thanks for making greatest piano samples..!!!

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    Re: Seven Seas Grand Giveaway

    I'm now 1 piano behind a full sampltekk set of pianos again. This sounds beautiful. Can't wait to get it. I love TBO too in it's current form.


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    Re: Seven Seas Grand Giveaway



    At a time when I thought that the TBO! could not be undone, then along comes the "Seven Seas Grand"!

    What those of us could do with the Black Grand series, with its various perspectives, we now have the opporutinity of doing wth the TBO! and the Seven Seas Grand!

    Comparing the Stella by Starlight demos of TBO! and the Seven Seas Grand especially, we can immediately hear the warmth and distinctive characteristics of this great piano! I look forward to hearing it on the Chopin Ballad as well!

    PS: I have spent many hours hearing the Stella By Starlight particular demo of the TBO! and to now hear it on the Seven Seas Grand is a true listening experience indeed!

    Great job very, very well done, Worra!

    Any piano serices like this that you do, you can be sure, that you can put me down for one. I look forward to receiving a opy of the Seven Seas Grand!


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    Re: Seven Seas Grand Giveaway


    Sounds good. Does the first demo have any added convolution ambience at all?

    Rob Elliott Music

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    Re: Seven Seas Grand Giveaway

    .............can't Wait To Sail The Seven Seas..................thanks Worra!

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    Thumbs up Re: Seven Seas Grand Giveaway

    Eh. It's okay. I could probably find a use for it. ;-)

    Muah ha ha...gimme gimme gimme!

    Amy like. Can't wait to play it, even if I have to pay for a copy...

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    Re: Seven Seas Grand Giveaway

    Are there any specific Kontakt 2 functions implemented?

    How much memory will the full set need?

    Can you tell us more about the piano you used?

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    Re: Seven Seas Grand Giveaway

    Hi, Worra!

    These demos sound great! I really like the dynamic range of the 7CG. It sounds equally good in quiet and stormfull passages - and those in between.

    It also sounds good without any reverb. That's always a good sign!


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