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Topic: "We Shall Sail the Ocean Blue"--from "Pinafore"

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    "We Shall Sail the Ocean Blue"--from "Pinafore"

    When I finally got back onto the Garritan forums last month, I posted my GPO rendition of the Overture from "H.M.S. Pinafore." There was a wonderful reaction to it, for which I'm grateful, and several of you expressed interest in hearing more.

    One of my projects this year has been to do the complete "Pinafore" score, using the full orchestral score published by Dover. The finished tracks will be available for small theatres to use in their Gilbert and Sullivan productions. Previously I've created virtual orchestra recordings for "The Mikado" and "The Pirates of Penzance" and they have been used in school productions across the country, and even in the country of Jordan.

    Here is the first number in the show, following the Overture--"We Shall Sail the Ocean Blue."

    Locis deserves a special thank you for directing me to Box--a Much better place from which to share files than I was using previously.

    Though this isn't holiday music, I think its light tone is appropriate for the season. Enjoy!



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    Re: "We Shall Sail the Ocean Blue"--from "Pinafore"

    These are a delight to listen to RB, I loved the overture before as well - well done and thanks for sharing this. Where's the Mikado and PoP then?!

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    Re: "We Shall Sail the Ocean Blue"--from "Pinafore"

    Randy, extremely well done! I like your almost dry rendition, it adds realism and sounds clearer...


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    Re: "We Shall Sail the Ocean Blue"--from "Pinafore"


    Well done...Bravo!! I am sure that G & S are taking a listen to this rendering and finding it to their liking!



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    Re: "We Shall Sail the Ocean Blue"--from "Pinafore"


    Quite a project, as I've said before; and really
    coming along nicely. The rendering on it is quite
    good -- and the "conducting" right on the mark,
    I think.

    Keep it coming!


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