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Topic: Solo Violin Work

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    Solo Violin Work

    I have been having trouble getting my 13-year-old daughter to play the violin with feeling. So I told her to pick a song that feels strongly about and I would prepare the sheet music for her on the computer. She picked “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” from Phantom of the Opera. I got carried away and not only did the violin solo music for her but did an orchestra accompaniment for it as well. I think I am starting to get the hang of a solo violin in GPO, which I used for this piece. I can hardly wait to start using the Stadivari Violin 2.0 which just showed up in the mail today and see what can be done with that! Now to see if it helps my daughter's playing

    You can find the piece at: http://people.internet2.edu/~rdhobby/music/WishingYouWhereSomehowHereAgain-ViolinSolo.mp3


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    Re: Solo Violin Work

    I'm listening as I type--This sounds wonderful. Your daughter is fortunate to have such a talented and encouraging father, sharing her enthusiasm for music.

    You did a great job. So many nice touches, playing with the length of the strings for instance.

    Thank you for the opportunity of hearing this!


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    Re: Solo Violin Work


    Very nice work in the arranging and execution. I hope that your daughter is playing her heart out on this piece. I have done the same for my daughter but in a wind ensemble setting for her clarinet.



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    Re: Solo Violin Work

    Sounds nice. I also like the accompaniment for this piece.


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    Re: Solo Violin Work

    Very nice setting Russ. I also can't wait to hear how you use the Strad, afterall, you used the GPO solo violin very well!
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: Solo Violin Work

    Beautiful arrangement of this, Russ; and a highly
    respectable showing on handling the technology,

    Well done! And a fine gift for your daughter, I
    must say.

    My best,


    Just got the Strad 2.0, myself. You're gonna love it...


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