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Topic: Erik Paulsen Home Page Finally Up with Garritan Plug

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    Erik Paulsen Home Page Finally Up with Garritan Plug

    After months of messing around and pretty much disappearing from these here stomping grounds I've finally pulled my main page together.

    For anybody who remembers me and cares to take a look:


    Its like renovating your house. Alot more work than you can possibly imagine!

    Check for a plug to Garritan Products in the BIO/TECH PRESENT section...

    Also, check out my Government Yule, "Christmas Card" single project at:


    A few weeks ago we had about 150 visitors, but in a short time our visits have surpassed 3,500... Garritan chimes and tubular bells made it to the single...

    Oh, we made a video promo based on an edit of the song. See it at:


    Merry Christmas to all my old friends on the Forum!!!


    Erik Paulsen

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    Re: Erik Paulsen Home Page Finally Up with Garritan Plug


    Your site looks terrific. Very professional, elegant and easy to navigate. You have quite an impressive bio with all of your TV composing credits.

    I enjoyed listening to Heaven-Cloisters, Offering-Jason's Theme, First-Theme, Joni's Love and Government Yule. Fantastic music! The Government Yule project seems so worthwhile and you deservingly received many great comments. Thanks so much for the gracious mention on your site.

    I urge everyone to visit Erik's site. It will serve as an inspiration and model on how to present yourself and put your best foot forward.

    Merry Christmas Erik!

    Gary Garritan

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    Unhappy Re: Erik Paulsen Home Page Finally Up with Garritan Plug

    Hi Erik -

    I am at work using my work computer. Unfortunately, this work computer seems to not have permission to view sites formatted using Flash. All I see is a lonely black screen. I will attempt to view your web site later today when I'm home using my personal computer.

    Heavy sigh. . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Erik Paulsen Home Page Finally Up with Garritan Plug

    Very nice work, Eric. It's excellent. I want to make one but haven't started on it yet.


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    Re: Erik Paulsen Home Page Finally Up with Garritan Plug

    Whoa! I've been so tied up promoting Government Yule's little holiday single I only just remembered I put up this post...

    Wow Gary! Thank you so much for the compliments! I really appreciate your support. Of course with the incredible palette of instruments you've given us... Well, you've always been a supporter to all of us.

    Thanks Leaf, Yes its a real proceedure to build one of these sites and I wasn't even the flash programmer. My chief responsibility was graphic layout and interface design and gathering content. Just getting it to look right took quite a bit of experimentation. Just like a home renovation that seems so easy at first but then becomes a big job. But like anything worthwhile in life, there's definitly some challanging moments and the real reward comes with completion.

    I appreciate you all taking the time to check out my site.

    Oh and Government Yule's official site came up only last night with an hour to spare before Christmas Day (EST)

    Check out our rock n roll holiday single (it has garritan celeste and tubular bells and before the real sax man was brought in the original mockup sax parts where done with the venerable JABB, thank you Tom Hopkins!!!)



    Merry Christmas to all!!!

    Erik Paulsen

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    Re: Erik Paulsen Home Page Finally Up with Garritan Plug

    Hi Erik!

    The site looks GREAT! It's easy to use and the layout makes perfect sense! (I may have to use it as inspiration for my own site ) The music is wonderful, photos are remarkable and very impressive credits btw

    Merry Christmas!

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