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Topic: Gpo - Sibelius Crossgrade Problem

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    Gpo - Sibelius Crossgrade Problem


    I run Sibelius 4.1 with the GPO Crossgrade on a PC.
    I also run DP on my Mac and want to play the GPO sounds as a stand alone Sampler midied to my Mac. I can't load the sounds on GPO as a stand alone as they are all moved to another location as configured to work with Sibelius. (You can't manually load sounds but the Sibelius system works great).It seems that you can't have both sytems working at one time.

    So, do I have to place back the GPO Libray files as before the crossgrade installation on GPO, to make this way of work?



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    Re: Gpo - Sibelius Crossgrade Problem

    Leave the library files in the Sibelius folder. You can configure the Personal Orchestra player to find the library wherever you want. So you can use it both as a standalone library or with Sibelius' internal Kontakt Player.

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